Tuesday, August 17, 2010

::gum vs hair::

Lily is not allowed to have gum.  
I find it in places it doesn't belong.
Like in her hair.

Grammy already had to cut a brush she had gotten stuck in her hair out this summer.  
What happens at grammy's did not get to stay at grammy's that time.  
I was told.
But it really wasn't too bad.  

BUT I was not cutting this mass of gum out of her hair.  
She wouldn't have any left!

So, I remembered that I am controlling my temper.

deep breath
deep breath

It really is actually kind of funny.  
Why did it even make me initially mad?
I guess it is every Mom's right of passage to deal with the gum vs hair fight.
Will not be the last time I deal with this.
I did let her have the bubble gum ice cream.  
She actually started yelling when I pulled out my camera
Tough luck kiddo

We got online together and looked up how to get gum out of hair.
Wikipedia seemed the best source.
We careful followed the exact directions.

Creamy peanut butter - Max makes sure we have lots of this

Put it on a tooth brush

Brush it through the hair.
Let it sit if needed.
Child may try to hide from camera.
Keep brushing it through the hair till the oil dissolves the gum.
Unless you like smelling like peanuts.

The verdict -
It actually worked.
She still has just a little bit left, but we are working around it.  
I am glad I didn't shave her head.  


  1. I wish my mama would have had this helpful hint when I was a little girl. She always told me not to go to bed chewing gum. But I loved bubble gum then. Many mornings when growing up she had to cut my hair. lol

  2. Vaseline and a comb also works well. I thought it worked better than peanut butter. I had to get creative when i was doing school nursing. I then used dish soap to wash the vaseline out. I know you wrote this forever ago, but I just read it =)



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