Sunday, August 22, 2010

::state fair::

I bet you can tell were we went..

Lily couldn't get behind the Fried Butter.  She thought that was just too far.

We did try out some of the fried food, but I tried to keep myself a little under control.

It was so hot!  My pit stains are hidden by kids.  

The kids got $25 worth of tickets and were allowed to pick what they wanted to ride. 
Lily is usually very chicken about rides, but Emma talked her into this one. 

I rode on a giant bee with a very handsome young man.

Max did not see the fun in this situation. 

Of course we found some crafts to do.

The girls and I thought we needed one of these for the farm.  It only costs more than my car.

Some day I want a green house just like this.

Max tested out the lemon shake ups.  They were approved.

Last time I went to state fair I was showing my horse Stanley.  
We won.  
I never walked 10 feet from the horse show area.
Too busy.

Overall -
I love county fair.
I like state fair.
It is WAY over priced, but it is a cultural event that must be experienced. 

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  1. joy of JOYS a picture of you on your own blog. my heart is so full and you are so SMOKING hot. favorite picture: max on the ride with sisters. and that giant bumblebee is a favorite japanese cartoon, how about you come on over here and i'll show you myself? love you.. super fun post!



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