Monday, August 16, 2010

::school clothes - the final report::

I did a post awhile ago in an attempt to keep my back to school spending under control.  Here are the final results of my shopping.  

    Predicted - $50
    Actual - $0
        She refused a new one.  Only her old one would do.  No problem.

Leggins - 4 pairs
    Predicted - $5 each
    Actual (Old Navy) - $6 each
(Old navy had free shipping.  Which saved me the temptation of having to go into the store.)  

Socks - 9 pairs
    Predicted - $18 for 10 = $1.80 per pair
    Actual (Old Navy) - $15 for 9 = $1.66 per pair

Underwear - 14 pairs
    Predicted - $15-25 for 10 pairs = $1.50-2.50 per pair
    Actual (old Navy) - $20 for 14 pairs = $1.42 per pair

Daily shoes
    Predicted - $20
    Actual - $30 from Famous Footware
        She is so odd about shoes.  She has to try them on.  So I gave up on ebay and just took her to buy shoes like a regular kid.  I LOVE the shoes she picked.  

Gym shoes 
  Predicted - $15
  Actual - free
    She refused new gym shoes.  Wanted her old ones.  They look brand new, as they don't wear gym shoes outside.  So I let her.  Maybe mid year, she will need new ones.  

Winter boots
   Waiting on these till the stores have them out.  

    Predicted - 5 for summer and 5 later for fall = $100 total
    Actual (one from old navy, the rest are high end brands from  the used clothing store)
                 5 for summer total = $43
                 1 so far for fall = $6.50
                  Total = $49.50

Grand total:
    Predicted amount for quantity purchased $188
    Actual $138.50

UNDER BUDGET BY $50.   That is so great!  Not having to buy a backpack saved me, and allowed me to buy her nicer shoes than I normally would have.  

In the late fall I will still need to buy her some more leggins ($6 each) , winter boots ($30) , and a few more dresses ($40).  She might need new gym shoes by then ($30).  Budget predicted for that is $130.  

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  1. You did great -- and I'm totally loving those sneakers! Do they make them in grown-up sizes too???



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