Wednesday, August 25, 2010

::Lily's special day::

Lily's amazing new teacher has a great way of letting each kid feel special.  When it is their turn she sends home a little back pack that has a composition notebook in it.  There are instructions in the front that say that the child is supposed to write a few sentences about themselves.  It is not important that spelling be correct, the child is supposed to write it themselves.  Then they are supposed to pick out a few items that represent them and they get to talk about them in class.  

Translation of Lily's sentences "I ride bus 23.  I like to make art.   I dance.  Disney World is my favorite place."

The items that she choose and why (according to Lily):

An owl - she likes stuffed animals and her grammy made this
A block - "I like to build stuff"
A paper doll - "This represents my art."
A little cook book - she likes to cook with her mommy
A paint chip book - she likes to do crafts and she made this
Her necklace - "I like jewelry and bright stuff"
The little horse - "I love to ride horses and I have a pony."

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  1. Little kid spelling is the BEST. And that charm necklace just threw me back to 1986! I loved those things! is that a little record?



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