Friday, August 20, 2010

::the great bathroom remodel begins::

I have been putting this off forever.  We gutted this bathroom in December!  Seriously.  What is wrong with me?  I just can't focus on this.  We make do with our one TINY little bathroom.  But it isn't always pretty.  I promised Josh that I would get focused on this.  So here - I am beginning.  Please throw in your input.  I need it.  

What should be our "main bathroom" -
It had pink C-A-R-P-E-T in it when we moved in, but that had to go.  GROSS!  Why carpet in a bathroom?
Tiles were falling off the handmade vanity.  They did last 50 years, so its not like they were crummy.
They just didn't look vintage cool.
The pink tub, sink, and toilet were cool in their own vintage way but we need two sinks.  
And the pink toilet has pieces broken off.  


The gutted bathroom
This used to be called the "girls bathroom" or the "pink bathroom"
It needs a tub/shower, TWO sinks, and a private-ish toilet area
More than one person needs to be able to use it at the same time
The goal is for this to be the kids/mommy bathroom while they are little and once they get big I get my own master bathroom somewhere else.

My inspirations -
I don't have enough space for this - but it looks so amazing
The towel hook are perfect for the shorties.

Love the one sink with two faucets.  But too big for this space.  And doesn't it just look too expensive?
Or - how about this $200 sink from Ikea?  The scale is right.

Now the vanity can't just be a regular old vanity.  No way.  We have too many chances to do something interesting.  
Similar to this.  (Why do I always want open storage?  Why????  Don't I know it would be easier to close it off?  I just visualize a rainbow of towels folded up so pretty.  IN A KIDS BATHROOM?
But I got to have it.  
My Dad is a wood worker and he takes custom orders from his adorable daughter :)
This image is not one of his, but his would be even more amazing

And this wall art is WONDERFUL!  It makes me excited about this process.  I have seen things like this on Etsy, so I know find something like it.  I love the midcentury modern feel of it.  
I think it will help keep the bathroom in the right era of the house.
(fancy talk, what a fake I am)  

For flooring I am thinking 6inch by 12 inch slate tiles.  Josh is not going to like this idea, so maybe I should just consider 12/12 slate tiles.  

For walls I want classic white subway tiles with a lip at the top that is deep enough to set picture frames on.  I might consider wainscoting for this.    

(Here is my I am guessing, but I really have no idea budget)
Budget - $2,500
  New sub floor $100
  New flooring $250
  New tub/shower $500
  New lighting $200
  New vanity $free?
  New faucets $200
  Sink $200
  Toilet $150
  New drywall/wall treatments/paint $200
  Misc $300

I want to see how this budget compares to the actual budget I come up when I really do my homework at the supply stores.  

All images are from ikea website or remodelaholic


  1. I think this website would be helpful. I wish I had known about it when i remodeled our bathrooms.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! Love all your pics n ideas. Just laughed at your open display w/rainbow of towels looking so pretty... I have that set up ~ SOMETIMES ~ til my shorties rip them all outta my caute vintage egg basket and leave every. single. one. 1/2 dirty or damp around the pool. No matter how often I point to the hooks already loaded w/towels they disregard those and rip out my "pretties." Good luck to you my friend. Will wait eagerly for your "after pics!"
    BTW - I found much info at site. That's what gave me the nerve to order my neat sinks off Ebay from a company in Israel and nickel faucets from England. Love 'em all and had no problems!



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