Tuesday, August 3, 2010

::baby katie and melissa::

Remember this little face?  My little neighbor girl.  One of my first official shoots in April.  Her name is Melissa.  

Here she is a few days ago.  She is such a cute little girl.  

She just got a new baby sister.  Meet baby Kaite.  ADORABLE!  

Here is their extra pretty mother.  I just love her.  She is such a great kid.  I am trying to experiment with full sun and her red hair was just begging for me to take her picture.  I still haven't figured out the eyes when it comes to full sun - but its a work in progress.   

Meanwhile, Melissa decided to try to ride my dog.

Lucky for all - my dog could care less.  

So I tried to squeeze out some more pictures of that perfect little baby.  I can't wait to do it again.  


  1. Brooke the shot of both sisters together is completely incredible. i mean seriously. emotional response. with her arms around her and looking off into the distance; its such a tender moment and you captured it PERFECTLY! also, the ones of just baby look like something out of a daydream. GReAT shoot!

  2. A-Mazing photos! Although I may be biased since I'm currently on tiny-baby watch. But all three ladies are gorgeous!

  3. Blown away, Brooke! My favorite one is the one of the sisters on the red blanket, for the reasons Megan described. All of them are beautiful. How do you do it?



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