Friday, June 24, 2011

::plus sign7 and the new job::

Plus sign - doing great.  Starting to suck out my energy, but if it makes him happy he can have it.  I can live with out energy.  I have some mild nausea but nothing horrid.  I pop a low dose Zofran on occasion but I think its mostly in my head.  I feel better with Plus Sign than I have with any of my other pregnancies, but I am sure that he will get me back later.  Again - don't care.  I don't care if I need IV fluids cause I am such a puker, if he grows right is all I care about.  I am still having lots of dizziness, which is typical for me too.  And the numb hands - so weird feeling.  I am trying hard to keep the new package a secret at the new job, just till he gives me away.    

The new job - fine.   I miss my friends.  I miss knowing how the joint works.  I miss knowing what my resources are.  But - putting myself in uncomfortable situations often leads to some pretty amazing personal growth.  And taking care of babies is taking care of babies.  No matter were they are, the patient care is basically the same.  I like the private rooms layout of the new unit, but it is much lonelier than St Vincent.  I can go for two hours and not see another nurse besides my preceptor.  The new place also has strict rules about cell phone and Internet use - no warnings - if you have your phone, even in your pocket, or if you log on to the Internet for anything but medical reasons - they walk you out.  PERIOD.  That's pretty fierce for me, but I get it.  I just think that this new place is going to be were I go to work and St Vincent is were I go to love and be loved.  It's my comfy spot.  I miss it very much right now.  I feel homesick, but hopeful.   
Things I like better today: 
      The schedule is WHAT EVER I want.  LOVE this fact.
      The hospital is stunning
      The food is good (hey - I'm pregnant)
      I like my new ID picture
      The commute is not bad
      They have a parking garage - no frozen car in winter
      The management is good
      They "asked around about me" and I got good reviews from St Vincent, I find this very flattering
      They keep calling me a seasoned nurse - its makes me nervous and happy at the same time

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