Friday, June 3, 2011

::potty training - take three::


I have posted about potty training Max before. 

Yes - I keep quitting. 

He wins.  Often.

AND YES, he is 3.5

But I think I might have hit one something here.


I take all his clothes and diaper off, except for a tee shirt. 

And just walk away. 

If he wants to pee of the porch - fine.

If he wants to use the toilet - great.

What ever. 

And so far that kid has not had an accident. 

(Minus when he pooped on the porch.  But that is another story.)
"It just slipped out Mommy.  Sorry."

Can it be that he might not wear a diaper to NFL training camp? 

(But now, how do I put pants on him?)


  1. I had to laugh so hard from this and also read it to my hubby. Yes how do you get pants on him now? I have heard that boys are harder to pottytrain than girls, but I have no experience in this.
    Isabel, now almost 7, wasn't fully pottytrained till she was 4 and she is still wetting her bed. She was fine going pee on the potty by the time she was 2.5 years old, but didn't want to go poopy there. Finally she was about to start preschool and they wouldn't take her in unless she was fully pottytrained so I started to refuse cleaning her up after she went. She had to get the waste from her underwear into the toilet and wash herself and if it went on the floor by accident she had to clean that too. Took her three times of doing this before she went on the potty. Turned out she thought it was yucky to go on the potty, but then realized it was more yucky going in her underwear when mom didn't clean up anymore.
    Now if I could only get started on potty training Sofie (almost 2).

  2. Oh Brooke, how I wish I could help you! I swore I would NEVER have 3 year old that was not potty trained...well here I am with 4 and NOT one of them is. But I am getting ready to take the big plunge, so to speak. I was just waiting until it got a little warmer outside!!!



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