Thursday, June 2, 2011

::summer schedule::

I didn't want the summer to be a crazy mess.  So I made a glorious list. 

The Gordans (the family that helps babysit) has no problem with this.

My hardest sell will be Josh.  

All chores listed are the kids chores.  

Here is is:

8am – up and eat
          Clean up dishes and spray off table
          Brush teeth and hair, get dressed

9am –   Start one load of laundry

12p – help make lunch and spray off counters
          Clean up dishes and spray off table
    Bring Luna in and feed her 1.5-2 cups

1pm – Max nap

1pm-2pm - Lily work on workbooks, reading and programs
          Emma work with goats

2pm-3pm – Chores  (if no Emma, do not do animals)
Lily – sweep kitchen, organize shoes, tidy bathroom, fold laundry, unload and reload dishwasher, help Emma with animals
Emma – feed animals, put away one basket of laundry (rotate between Daddy, Max and Girls) sweep dining room, shoes area, and family room, help Lily with dishes

3pm – wake up Max if not already awake
          Play till pick up

5-6pm – make dinner and eat
          Clean up dishes and wipe counters

7pm-8:30pm – read and play

8:30-9pm – get ready for bed
          Showers, teeth, medicine

9pm – bed time



  1. That looks really good and I would probably have done somewhat of the same for my kids if we were staying home this summer.

  2. Aaaahhh, I remember when life was easy like this. Good luck with your list and enjoy your Summer. This is a great daily routine and making a list is so helpful in staying on track. Posting your list is a great way to stay accountable.



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