Friday, June 10, 2011

::garden signs and mulch trailers::

Josh made this frame to go around his flat bed trailer.
Sorry cutest, but your over engineering habit may have come into play a bit.
Let's consider that all this frame is for is to get mulch - once a year.
(I stand corrected - it is also to pick up loads of wood.)

But we loved the scrap pieces!!!

Max went for a free style approach.

While princess Lily really focused on the job at hand. 
She made a sign for "her garden" 
And labels for my garden.

Here is what we have so far.
Like my jalapeno?  Painting is not my format, but I do love it. 

We did this last year - but Lily felt her skills "had matured enough to do it again."
I hope we do it every year. 

Lily and her carrot masterpiece.
She carefully explained to me that this shows a cutout perspective. 
You can see the earth and sky around the carrot.

 When they are dry I spray on a few coats of clear spray paint to seal them.  
Then in the garden they go.  



  1. They look absolutely lovely. Good job to Lily and you, and the little man is a picasso in training.

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