Sunday, June 12, 2011

::our dogs::

 Look is this crew.
One brain between them.
But they don't fight.  
They are a Cesar Milan image of pack harmony.

 This is Alberta
A 7 year old English chocolate lab.
CALM and peaceful.
The most passive of the pack.

2.5 years old
A shitzu maltese cross that is in desperate need of braces.
She is my "mom dog".  10 pounds, loves me best, and is a chilling little snuggle bug.

A basset hound boarder collie cross.
Six years old.
Loves to heard the animals but has no energy.
He is the dominate animal of the farm.
I think he is the funniest combination of parts that ever found themselves on a dog. 

New puppy.
Killer of cantaloupe seedling and flowers.
But she grows on me.  
I just keep telling myself that she will not be a baby forever. 


  1. Luna just looks like she is laughing of you :) I'm to cute, to cute for my own good...



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