Monday, June 20, 2011

::three sisters - progress::

Max carefully "weeded" all the plants off one of my three sisters mounds.  
After I went crazy - I forgave him.  
But here is how the remaining ones are doing.  
See the corn in the middle, beans started to grow up it, and some squash coming in on the sides. 



The three sister together. 


  1. I never could get my hubby completely on board with this. He does most of the gardening, and just kept putting it off. Now it's too late to get it in this year, so I'm anxious to read your reports. Hopefully I can get him on board for next year.

  2. its looking fabulous!!!! I have a variation (rows instead of mounds) going now.. I will have to share if/when they break thru! thanks for sharing as you inspired me to try!



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