Sunday, June 5, 2011

::summer learning::

I want to use this summer to its fullest.  
One of my goals in to work on a summer tutor plan with Lily.
I met my mother in law (who was a first grade teacher) at a local teacher store and started digging through the workbooks.
I have a small notebook that I am tracking lesson plans in and writing notes to keep the baby sitters going with this when I am not home.

Here is a sample lesson plan.  I have allowed flexibility in this plan, if something is working well than we can keep going with it.  If it is not than we can stop and move on to something else.  My goal is at least one total hour everyday.

Lesson Plan:

Start with 10 minutes of reading out loud - any book she wants to read

Do at least two Mind Bender puzzles.  She loves these logic puzzles. 

2-4 pages from her Summertime Learning workbook.

4 puzzles from Puzzles and Games that Make Kids Think.  This book has four different sections/types of games.  She loves it.

1-2 pages from her Science workbook.  I LOVE this one.  We were in Lowe's and saw a peach tree.  She proceeded to tell me they were temperate trees and need  a certain amount of cold days to make fruit.  WOW. 

Then she does a journal entry.  She can write about anything.  I don't proof read it.  We just talk about what she wrote.  

Any other suggestions? 

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  1. Oh, you just made me feel like a slacker mom ;)
    Isabel has a journal that her teacher gave her and she is supposed to write in it at least once a week. We'll see if I can get her to do that. She has some books she wants to read and other than that we'll just practice Norwegian while we are on vacation home in Norway. Being a teacher I believe in giving the kids the summer off from teaching. We have a little bit of a different filosofi in Norway when it comes to learning and teaching :)



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