Saturday, June 18, 2011

::outdoor remodel::

This is the side of my house you see as you drive in the drive way.
When we moved in it was covered the HUGE evergreen bushes that were out of control.
We ripped those out and I slowly planted roses - which is what I was into at the time. 
But I felt that it was looking somewhat unloved lately.  
I love that cottage garden so much - its all I see. 
But I needed to give this area some TLC too.
Above is the before.

Here is the after.
I widened the flower bed, redid the edging and mulched the area (with cardboard as weed mat of course)
Removed a rose that never did take off.
Added that willow frame for a new clematis to grow up.
Near the hose I added a rosemary and an oregano.  
They are still little but I but two foxgloves at each end of the wall.
I really am leaning toward edible landscaping, but part of me still loved roses. 

For next year:
Window boxes on each of these windows.  With a nice combo of food and flowers.  Think lettuce and zinnias. 
I still want a blue rose and a bright yellow rose.  

I moved the corner area out and made the mulch area wider.  The dogs were killing the grass there anyway so I just gave in and changed the angle of the edger.  More cardboard and mulch. 

Now this is a really odd little area.  The porch in the right hand corner is what you want on to enter the house.  The dogs insist that this is "their area".  The kids try to claim it as an impromptu play area too.  The well cover in obviously an issue.  Plus it was all filling up with weeds. 

Here is the after.  Weeds are gone and area is freshly mulched.  The wire fence was a temporary way to keep Luna out of my stargazer lilies.  It did not work.  There will not be any this year.  She also ate all the plants out of the red planter.  THAT dog.  But I remember the lab doing the same kind of crap her first year, so I will just try again next year.  
I was forced by some short people into leave the yellow hand hooks and red rope in the left hand corner.  They LOVE IT - and can not live with out it.  Ok.  They win.  
Max felt that they skateboard was essential in the overall design. 

For next year:
A big window box under this main window.  I want to fill it with spinach and lots of cool lettuce.  
Then around the red pot I want smaller pots with parsley, cilantro, and lavender.  If Luna is over eating them by then.  
And of course I would like my lilies back for next year.  

Any other idea's for me?
Remember that I can't plant anything near the dog houses - they will destroy it. 

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  1. I think if you plant some type of hanging herb or something in the planter boxes under the windows next year it will be really pretty. Just looking at your pictures and trying to picture how it will look next year I just want to come visit and just hang out. I know I am creeping you out now right ;p
    I was checking on my little garden the other day. I have been planting so much strawberry the past few years in my planter boxes and they are really coming along. So sad I won't get to enjoy them this year as I think they will be all done by the time we get home again. I have been telling my hubby he needs to remember to go out and check them and eat them. And my neighbor will water them and take care of them for me.



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