Monday, November 8, 2010

::week 8::

8 week old baby

Dear Nugget,

Things are different with you than the other two rounds.  You are staying pretty true to your middle of the night barf fest.  I am trying not to take Zofran (anti-nausea med), but you seem to really like it.  The real issue is equilibrium.  I am dizzy lots of the time and you can only be dizzy for so long before you brain thinks it barf time.  BUT - it could be so much worse.   

We go in on Thur to get our first ultrasound.  All this one really tell is that my dates are right and to set an official due date.  You're really too little to tell at 8 weeks much else.  Something REALLY bad would have to be wrong to see it when your that little.  The 20 week ultrasound is when they take a look at your little body and make sure you are coming along ok.  All of pregnancy is a little bit scary for an NICU nurse - but I try to just sit back and enjoy the process when I can.

Your Dad and I actually had a nice talk about names.  Still Gwen (Gweneth) for girl.  But Sam got vetoed from the boy list.  Right now your name if your a boy is John Thomas (or Johnathon) and we will call you Jack.  Not Jackson because Daddy doesn't like that.  

I can't wait to feel you kick.  But I have about another 8-10 weeks till I can even hope for that.  

Love your face -



  1. John Thomas (aka Jack) is a good strong name - we really like it! Cash Danger is always available also if you like it. We haven't talked names yet...waiting for awhile on that one.

  2. I loooooooooooove John Thomas!!!! I'm such a huge fan of JFK, so that name makes me think of him & smile. Love you brookie <3



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