Monday, November 15, 2010

::9 weeks::

Dear Nugget,

You are nine weeks old today.  I had my first ultrasound last week.  THANK GOD there is only one of you.  Twins would be fun in retrospect but at the time, with 2.5 other kids, it would be pure survival mode. I would rather have a little time to focus on one little snuggle warm yummy smelling baby.  CAN'T WAIT to actually meet you.  

The real meat of the ultrasound was that we have decided to do first rimester screening.  Some people may not like that idea but working in an NICU and seeing every single thing that goes wrong I need that screen.  The good part of that is you will get a screening for galactosemia before you are even born.  I don't want to get into the details of it yet but it is a rare recessive disorder that your brother carries.  It means that your body would  not be able to process ANY form of lactose.  You don't get sick from it, you slowly build up toxins in your eyes, kidney's, and brain until they fail.  It can be controlled by a VERY strict diet.  But it is still pretty nasty.  After our horrible experience with Max (they told us he had it, scared the crap out of us, made me stop breast feeding, and then he was just a carrier) I want to know about you right away.  I'd like to get the the bottom of this and find out if just Mommy or Daddy is a carrier.  I also want to make sure that everything else with you is fine.  Plus that means we get to see you at 12 weeks too.

AND you will be getting the usually 20 week ultrasound and a 36 week ultrasound.  The last one will be to check your size.  Since Max was 9lb6oz they want to make sure that you are not a 12 pounder.  

Another big point from today was my fault.  Mommy is too chubby.  I hate that.  I was so excited/nervous to find out if Daddy's reversal worked that I  didn't take the time to loose the weight and get fit before hand.    I am too big right now, so I am going to have to be extra careful.  Mommy is going to have to do a really good job of not over doing it with food or she will have all kinds complications.  I am working on a plan right now.  

Love you,


  1. K, I've read every single post all the way back.
    I am so so happy for you and your beautiful family.
    Double the congrats as I see you are now a semi-pro photog!!!
    LOVE all you share here.
    Hope you stop barfing and enjoy the ride!

  2. sweetie babe. when do you get the results of the galactosemia screen?

  3. Hi there... I love to check in with your blog every now & then. Your little ones are just adorable! I didn't realize you are expecting... I am as well. What is your due date? I'm June 20th so I bet we're pretty close. It's definitely slowed me down w/ the crafting. I'm trying SOOO hard to keep up with it! Congrats & thanks again for the feedback on my blog. Sara



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