Sunday, November 28, 2010

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I did a post a while back about our art room and our supplies.  Since them I have learned many new things about what kind of supplies we need and how they need to be organized to keep the little man from destroying them but still keep them available to the big kids.  I have also found several sites that gave me lots of idea’s about things to add to the mix to keep it all fresh and interesting.

Over at pink and green mama she has given a break down of the best art supplies per age group.  Every time I read it I want to go shopping to buy some new stuff. 

Here are a few things on her list I could not agree with more:
Big pad of drawing paper
Drawing supplies (pencils, sharpeners, crayons, markers)
Food coloring
Play Doh (she makes her own)
Scrap paper
Washable glue
Water colors (our family favorite)
Water color paper
            We use this and coffee filters in the same way
Dot’s paint (buy some – just trust me)
Pipe cleaners
Paint brushes of different sizes (thanks Emily for setting us up)
Multi color Sharpies
Washable poster paint
Acrylic paint
Tons of paper (we have all kinds of textures and colors)

And here are a few that I want to buy:
Soy Crayons (which I just ordered on amazon)
Kite paper
Oil pastels (which I also just ordered on amazon)

Don’t for get that the weekly 40% off coupons from the crafts stores can make setting up your art kit very affordable. 

When it comes to organizing it all I have changed things around some since this picture.  I keep anything that are not for Max on the very top.  Then for things like food coloring I keep them in a trunk near the art supplies.  The kids know that those are supplies that are for use with adult assistance.  

Here is a link to the art room remodel.
And here is the link to the post on the art supplies.

AND!!!!  I just realized that I never put up a new header in November.  I was really in a daze.  Hope you like the new one.  Bob the Goat was being a camera hog.  

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