Monday, November 29, 2010

::winterize the farm::

shooter pony happy in last year winterize pasture

So - you know how many of you had said things to me before like, "I love your farm, but I wouldn't want to maintenance?"  And then I say, "Its really not that much work, blah, blah, blah."  Most times I am not lying.  But now is one of those rare times when this pace really is a ton of work.  Since my days of having a nanny I have learned lots about how to run this place.  Like that we have to winterize before the winter weather really shows up.  If you wait till everything is frozen the whole thing is terrible.  So here is my list that must get done with in the next two weeks or less.

Take in all porch furniture and cover
Get tank heaters in horse and cow water tanks
Make a straw cow bridge over his mud moat - long story
Clean out horse run in and give them a straw bridge
Muck out and put fresh bedding in chicken coop, give heated water bowl
Muck out and refill goat pen, give heated water bucket
Get barn horse stalls ready for bad weather horse shelter
Clean out rabbit cage, heated bowl, move to other stall to open up horse stall
Rake our aisle way of barn
Winterize barn water

Since I am a prego, it is going to take extra discipline to make myself do my share.  And extra payouts to Josh to make him help me.  


  1. Yuck. I hear ya. Similar list. Hate it. And I'm not preggo. Good luck!

  2. Do you know what kind of heated water bowl you will use for your chickens? I am trying to figure that out right this second as when I went out to fill it was frozen!! Poor girls.



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