Saturday, November 6, 2010

::mom vs. work::

Work work work.  I love the job.  I really do.  Even if it isn't the perfect little love santuary that it used to be it is still the right place for me.  But something has to give.  I think I need to go weekend option.  If you are not familiar with weekend option it is a specific shift for nurses that allows them to work EVERY STINKING SINGLE weekend.  In return for that sacrifice they only work two days, but get paid for three.  I think it might be the ideal situation for my family.  I would be home all week with the kids.  That makes me feel calm, just thinking about.  I would be 100 percent in charge of getting them too school and making sure all the school stuff if done and done problerly.  I would be able to always make sure that every one is fed and taken to the correct activity at the correct time.  Snow day?  Who cares.   Basically - it would come down to me being in complete control of the things that need to be controlled.  And I LOVE that idea.  LOVE IT!  The bad part is missing out on that weekend time.  But then I get my Lily for five full days all summer!  The best playtime in the world.  But I would miss out on all the social activities.  No saturday baby showers or work related parties.  Terrible.  But I would just have to find other ways to socialize.  Like standing Friday Children's Museum playdates???  Then I would hire my fabulous girl who helps me now to do the occasional few hours during the week so I can do grown up stuff or volunteer at school or work on photo stuff.  She would also do every Saturday with the kiddos.  Then Josh would be in charge every Sunday, which he would like minus the football games, which he will work around.  What am I over looking?


  1. Finding an open weekend option position :) lol. Good luck...I know the benefits. I worked it for over three years. It's worth sacrificing every weekend! Your life revolves around your family and occasionally you go to work, instead of the other way around. Family does come already know that. That's why I love you!

  2. I wonder how the holiday rotation works for weekend option?
    I'm sure you will love being home more for those adorable kids.



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