Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Us - November 2008

This pregnancy has sucked away something that I really love, something that I think of as my super hero power.  My hyperactivity.  I get about half of what I was getting done in a day.  Lucky for me, Josh is home right now so everything is still pretty much on track.  But I am scared that the kids are suffering.  They are still crafty and making art, but its been awhile since I made any good suggestions of stuff to make.  Max and preschool has been partially on hold - but Lily saw me do it one day and is obsessed with working with him now.  So even though I am just freaking tired all the time, it is time to suck it up and get it together.  I have one girl at work that asked me once - how do you possible do all the stuff you do?  And I told her I just make it happen.  Not so much right now, and I don't like it.  I feel like the fuzz around the corners of my brain is starting to go away and now I need to show some discipline and get it together.  I have other shorties and I don't get the luxury of sitting around being half assed.  

With that said here are some goals -
1.  Do AT LEAST A weekly craft with the shorties  (already found on for today)
2.  Re-find my passion for blogging.  Not hard.  I am already feeling it building.
3.  Do my share of the house, just cause Josh is letting me doesn't mean I should take the easy road.  He will go back to work in two weeks and I will be lost.  
4.  Get out and walk every day.  My pedometer has to say at least 7,000 every day.  Or I will be like Jaba the Hut trying to deliver this kid.  Not healthy for me or for nugget.
5.  Stop being selfish and get it together with Max preschool.  He had a little vacation, now shape up.  

 Nov 2009

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