Saturday, November 20, 2010

::a house husband::

Max loved the leaves.

Josh has to take a yearly month off.  It is usually a very financially stressful time, but this year due to the glory of ebay we are managing to get by ok.  AND I AM LOVING HAVING A HOUSE HUSBAND!  No joke!  I really enjoy him all the time, but him well rested every single day is amazing.  Plus he spends lots of time  dealing with wood.  HAHAHAHA! (Please insert immature laugh)  For real, he has been gathering, cutting, and stacking wood for our little wood stove and there is something kind of manly-hot about the whole process.  Plus we has been running the house.  Cleaning, cooking, etc.   Not laundry, but really he can't be that perfect.  It has taken a great deal of pressure off me.  Which has allowed me to rest up and grow some more red blood cells so I am not so dizzy.  The biggest part is I just love having this much face time with him.  And so do the kids.  As always he has just stepped up and just made life so pleasant.  The only real growing pains have been remembering Lily's homework and spelling words.  Which is pretty darn good. 
Alberta liked the leaf piles too.

Best buddies

Things he has done this break:  (And it is only half over)
     Rake two acres of yard (we don't rake everything)
     Pile 24 inches of leaves in my garden beds, as instructed
     Set up a cow isolation pen that is rigged to give him a run  in area in the barn
          The horses eat his food

Big helper

     Get a HUGE tree out of the POND, cut, split and stack it
     Babysit Max every day - a serious chore
     Cook dinners when I am at work
     Play games with the kids
     Assist in all cleaning
     Do our 40 loads of dishes
     And be generally adorable



  1. sweet sweet daddy kid pictures. love max's curly head.

  2. awww! What a wonderful picture of dad and son! Sounds like it is really nice to have your hubby around all the time. Mine works 12 hrs a day and has been doing sat and sun too. I have to beg him to take time off! Enjoy the family time :)I also have a picture of my son with a piece of wood at about 3...they are always big helpers when they are small :)

  3. what a cutie. i bet he feels like such a big boy helping out!



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