Wednesday, November 24, 2010

::10 weeks::

Dear Nugget,

This may be the wrong time to write this, as I just brushed my teeth from our morning praying to the porcelain god session.  Sorry I forgot to take my Zofran last night.  I will get that refill ASAP.  You bossy little fetus you.  Yes, your a fetus now.  Congrats.  Your moving right along.  No really much going on with you this week.  We told my extended family at Thanksgiving last Saturday.  They don't have any kids on that side and I think most were a little stunned.  3.5 kids.  That's 3.5 too many.  But they were still happy for me in their way.  Your Daddy's family want to throw a parade from joy and your Mommy's family wants to pat me on the arm and ask me if I meant to get pregnant.  I'm used to that nonsense.  Why do you think we hang out with Daddy's family so much?

I hope your doing OK in there buddy.  Your name this week is still John Thomas (Jack) or Gweneth Anna. I still think your a Jack and not a Gwen.  But I really don't care that much.  As long as your not a gastro-holoproencephaly-hypoplastic left-transpostion-trisomy 4million-mylomenigocele etc that would be great.  Work on that this week OK?


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  1. LOL! You poor thing! I hope you start to feel better soon and hopefully the little peanut will cut you some slack on that! I was lucky to not have morning sickness at the start but boy did I pay for it at the end of my pregnancy!!



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