Thursday, November 4, 2010

::children's museum preschool::

Our super wonderful children's museum has son wonderful "Mommy and Me" classes.
We just did one called "Winter Wonderland"
They had some amazing activities.
Like a tub full of icebergs for the polar bear to play on.
Forgive that the pictures are all on my iPhone.

Some great stamping activities, that Max was almost totally uninterested in.
He does art at home.

But he thought the glitter shaker was big fun.  

He loved the sensory table with rice.  
I really need to make him one.  

I am getting him this activity for Christmas.
Which they happily will sell you at the super stellar gift shop.

And this one too.

And he loved this key toy.
Which Santa might also find for him. 
The class was $10 and I can't wait to do another one. 
He didn't do hardly any of the things that he was supposed to do but I didn't want to be that crazy parent that drug their kid from art center to art center forcing them to make stuff just so they feel like they get their money's worth.  She was there.  Lots of she's were there.  We do lots of art at home, so if he didn't want to then we could just play with the toys.  The whole point is to grow and learn in a social setting.  Right?

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