Tuesday, November 30, 2010

::give thanks::

The photo theme on trendy treehouse this week is "give thanks"

It immediately made me think of Mr Max.  Mr Max in the hospital last January, with the vent turned on and the ET tube all laid out and ready.  But it didn't get used.  It could have gone either way.  But it went the right way.  I know it was a while ago, but I am so THANKFUL.  

The short story - He had severe RSV pneumonia, a ruptured ear drum, and acute asthma.  I knew he was getting sick and planned to take him to the doctor the next morning.  But when the next morning rolled around I went in his room to wake him up and he was breathing three times the normal rate and grunting, which is a super bad thing for someone is respiratory distress.  I had to pinch him to get him to wake up.  Then I rushed him to the hospital with Lily sitting next to him.  "Lily, let's play a game.  When ever I say you hit Max's car seat to keep him awake.  It will be fun."  I tried hard to not let her know how bad it really was.  He got admitted to PICU and stayed for three nights.    

Here he is this fall, camping, chilling, watching a movie, and doing his breathing treatments.  Since that hospital stay he has done so many breathing treatments that he is an old pro at it. 

His long term health outlook is good.  He act totally normal, we just have to watch him carefully.  If he starts to get sick we have to double up his breathing treatments quick.  But I think we have figured out how to control it.  



  1. We went through that with our little Luke last year, too. So unbelievably scary. XO!

  2. Poor little guy, so glad everything turned out okay.

  3. Brookie, thank you so much for stopping by my little blog. After reading your last post I told myself, "no more drifting away from blogging." When I drift I miss out on my wonderful blogging friends, and all they live through. So grateful all has turned out good for your little guy.

  4. oh goodness, how scary. I'm so glad he's ok!

  5. So glad Mr. Max is okay now. Poor little guy, breathing treatments are no fun.

  6. Such a brave little boy. Glad to hear he is ok.

    Erika B



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