Thursday, December 23, 2010

::13 and 14 weeks::

Dear Nugget,

Hi little person.  I love your little face.  I am combining these two weeks worth of updates because there was not much to say about you and your antics in week 13.  But now you made sure I didn't get comfortable with you in week 14.  I was back to being a puker, but I loaded you up on Zofran and took you to a super fun wedding anyway.  Our friend Jen got married and it was just lovely.  I am glad you were there too.  Even your Daddy came, which is huge.  He is a wedding hater.  But even he had a good time. 

I went to the Doctor this week.  I wanted to ask them why I am so flipping huge this round.  Every one just laughs and gives me the "aren't you cute" look when I say that.  Sometimes they even say, "Are you sure their is not twins?"  Screw you.  But I know as a nurse that being XL big can mean some things are not right.  I just want my actual Dr to say, "Your just huge.  No reason."  Or maybe she will say, "Stop everything.  You are actually 40 weeks and dilated to 8.  Lets rush you to the hospital to deliver."  She said that this is a third baby and that she will tell me when there is a problem.  I love her.



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