Monday, December 27, 2010

::christmas morning::

Every Christmas morning the kids and I make breakfast while Josh goes to get Emma.

Max's hair was extra crazy that morning.  

Lily is learning to make scrabbled eggs by herself.  

The tree ready to be attacked.

The yearly matching ornament.

BB guns.
Why not?

They always get a new movie.
This is the first year Emma's was not a kid movie.

Lizzie got decorated.

Then she hid under the chair.

Lily's gift to Emma. 
Carefully chosen at the Santa shop at school

Emma likes her new barn boots.

You can not beat a good science kit.

The grand finale.  
Refurb iPod touches.

Then off to Grammy's for stockings as big as a kid.

Lily got a pillow pet and a new DS game.  She was locked in and happy as a clam.  

1 comment:

  1. I WANT LILY'S JAMMIES! are those etsy? ps love your christmas day!



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