Sunday, December 5, 2010

::winterize list progress::

Josh and I (mostly Josh) made some major progress on the winterizations list LINK HERE.  

Josh scooped out the goat pen and the chicken coop.  

See all the chicken crap dust when Josh swept it?
We wore masks.

We had to carry the chickens one by one and lock them in the dog pen while we cleaned their coop.  Then carry them back one by one.  They did not love all that.  

Then Josh rewired the chicken coop so we could use the outlet to plug in their heated water bowl.

Plus - one of them is molting.  Isn't it a weird time of year to molt?  Do they need any heat this winter?    

Donkey and Shoots said "Thank you!"

Teddy was very excited to sneak into the cow pen to steal some food.  

Bob was happy to wonder the yard while his pen was prepared for him.  

frozen broccoli

I raked out the outdoor goat run and the horses run in shed.  I used a broom to knock down all the cobwebs in half the barn.  Then I put straw all over my strawberries and some other parts of the garden.  The winter broccoli is frozen solid and didn't pan out, but it was worth the very limited risk.  I also covered the garlic lightly with straw.  Does any one know if that was the right thing to do?  

garlic before I covered it

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