Thursday, December 30, 2010

::the girls best gift::

The girls got some good stuff this year.  They both got BB guns and iPod touches.  Plus lots more.  But what ended up being the best gift was the two books that Santa got off amazon.  They are both by Kari Smith, and they are brilliant.  I recommend them for any one around first grade or older.  Even snarky teens or grown ups.  

Lily got one called "Wreck this Journal"

 Emma's was a little more advanced reading and called "This is Not a Book"

Both books are full of some amazing outside the box activities.  Like these...

One of the directions is "Instructions are open to interpretation"
So we changed this one from "Document your dinner" to breakfast.
"Rub, smear, platter your food.  Use this page as a napkin."
She loved it.

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  1. SO cool to start an open door to fun journaling.



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