Tuesday, December 7, 2010

::12 weeks::

Dear Nugget,

We had your 12 week first trimester screening today.  They do lots of test and things.  You soared thru it all.  They took some blood from Mommy to see if I am the family carrier to galactosemia or not.  We should know that in about two weeks.  If Mommy is not a carrier than it doesn't matter if Daddy carries it, because you could only be a carrier in that case.  Meaning - that would be good.  All your measurements via ultrasound were just perfect.  You were moving around and being crazy.  I loved watching you dance.  Max kept saying, "Hi, Baby!" 

Thanks for letting me get past the hard part of this pregnancy.  I am past the dizzy, and I have figured out my zofran to stay away from being a puker.  I am just starting to get used to this enough that the spring is back in my step.  Which is good because Daddy is going back to work very soon and I am going to have to get back to pulling my weight.  

Love you buddy,

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