Thursday, December 2, 2010

::the playroom and the stove::

One of the things that I just let go by the way side these last few weeks of prego daze has been the play room.  I want to be brutally honest - this is what it looked like.

It's sort of like a "were is Waldo" picture

Here it is about half way through. 
I took down all the baskets and went through each and every tiny little toy.
Trash went right into a trash bag.
Donates went into the laundry basket.
Anything that needed to go "elsewhere" when into the big blue tub on the chair.
Max was very helpful with the entire process.  

And here is it done.  
Link here to see more of this room.  

And I finished it just in time for the corn stove to get put in.
This almost completes our heating system rehaul.
It still have one part on order, but once it is actually functional I will do a final post about this whole process.  

Josh got it going by cutting a hole through the wall, brick and all. 

The flooring under it is temporary till we decide what to finish it with.

The largest obstacle is this massive vent on my front porch.  I am going to need some help this summer figuring out how to cover it up.  

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  1. we are considering this exact thing!!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhh I am so excited to see how it goes for you!!



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