Tuesday, December 21, 2010


HAHA!!  We still have a pumpkin in our yard!

I used to show very expensive fancy A circuit hunter and jumper horses.  When we bought this place the only thing I knew was how fancy horses were kept.  Constantly surrounded with bubble wrap.  And that is not a happy horses.  My big fat horses are some of the healtiest and happiest you will ever meet.  (Donkey too.)  Mostly because the kids require that I ignore my horses and the horses actually like it.  Doesn't that all work out just right?  So really it hasn't been years of careful study that has taught me how to tend these pet horses.  It has been barely controlled neglect and they actually seem to like it.  Every one is happy.  But sometimes I miss all that horsey time. 

The snow drift I have to push the wheelbarrow through

But right now Teddy is hurt.  He has injured his eye and needs to be inside.  He hates it.  I hate it.  He is the biggest pig in the world.  Some horses and clean and tidy in their stalls.  He is not.  He is like Max.  He spreads his mess around every were and he could care less.  So three times a day I leave Lily in charge and trot my pregnant tush out to the barn.  And I actually kind of love it.  I take Ted and move him into the empty stall, then muck out his stall, then make Bruno walk next to me while I take the wheel barrow out to the manure pile to protect me from the cow who thinks I look fun to play with.  Then I put Teddy back into the clean stall.  The mucky process is very relaxing.  I love spending some time with that silly old Ted.  Some day, when I am shorty free (God help me) I want to get a little rescue horse and teach it to do silly tricks and be my buddy.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My previous (fancy n spoiled metro dwelling) clients often ask how I manage all our horses. I tell them that they are thriving on neglect! ;-) It's the truth. Rambos, run in sheds and most of all mirafount waterers make us all very happy. Those lay-ups are always a bother w/piggy horses, tho like you, I find the quiet time can be rewarding. Good luck with all you juggle!
    Wishing you health n happiness in 2011,



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