Friday, February 19, 2010

::hey, soul sisters::

Imagine waking up at least three days a week before dawn, getting up your warm little snugglers, and taking them two houses down to a person that loves them and treats them with respect. Someone that they love spending time with and have known their whole lives. Then I drive for half a hour of pure selfish bliss. I get to listen to an audio book that I would have never had the time to read otherwise. And I spend that time in a state of semi meditation, knowing there is nothing else I are supposed to be doing at the moment. I then arrive at my destination to see a line of cars that I am joyful to see because I love their drivers. I walk in the building and from the second I enter the door I am surrounded by people that know me, that know my family, that patted my pregnant belly and felt that baby kick. These are people that have cried on my shoulder and patted me when I cried. People who’s engagement rings I have cooed over, weddings I have attended, and baby showers I have helped throw. Every time I see these people I feel this surge of love for them and acceptance from them. Kindered spirits. How lucky I am to have you.


  1. Love your narrative, and love the pics of you with your friends. We work with beautiful people.

  2. Your one of my friends and your beautiful too!

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself....rock on!



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