Saturday, February 6, 2010

Max :: mortality and more

Please note that the :: has been stolen from Megan. Because I love her
Mike Wazowski cake for Mr. Max

the plan

the pans

the base -
as shown by lily

face start

paper horns and feet/hands
pipe cleaner limbs

happy kiddos

10 days before his birthday

birthday morning

over kissed

this is what we do to max

schaefer doings ~
Lily :: she says the word commercial "co mer shinal"
Emma :: want to go to Purdue and play clarinet in the marching band
Max :: forces us to take turns signing him Itsy Bitsy Spider "mommy go, daddy go"
Josh :: is in love with online penny poker
Me :: it is February so it seems like the perfect time to carefully plan my garden


  1. megan::flipping loves the schaefers.

  2. Max looks so sad in his hospital pic. And so happy on his birthday!



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