Thursday, February 18, 2010

::chore charts for one and all::

this is a picture of lily exactly four years ago, she was two












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Here is a copy of Lily’s chore chart. It hangs on the fridge and she checks off her chores as she does then. If we have a busy night a grown up can “ok” her skipping a particular chore if they see fit to do so. I did not assign her any chores for Sundays. Lily gets 50 cents a chore for a total of $3.50 a week. Half into a savings jar and half into her spending little hands. We had to add the savings jar when we caught her trying to buy 50 suckers with her stash. Every birthday I add one chore. She gets to give her input into what chores she thinks should be on the list. "Coming Home From School" did not make the cut this time, better luck next time. I feel like it is one of the things that works well in our house, but I we can always make it better. I would love to hear what idea's you all have on this.

In contrast - One of the things that doesn’t work at our house is the housework. I catch up, then don’t do any for awhile, then get WAY behind, then I spend a whole grumpy day frantically cleaning, then repeat. I want my own personal chore chart. I need one. I wish I had one. So I made myself one. It isn't a literal sheet on the fridge but I did rough draft it in my notebook. I don’t give myself an allowance but I do hope to keep myself better organized and less frustrated. Happy me = happy family. Frustrated/overwhelmed me = grumpy family. I made myself a “house time budget”.

Every day I am not working I:

-Clean one major room (family room, dining/art room,kitchen,or playroom for 45 minutes)

-One minor room (bedroom or the bathroom for 30 mins)

-2 loads of laundry

-One load of dishes

-Put away one basket of laundry away (20 minutes total for the last three)

That equal 1 hour and 35 minutes a day instead on one day entirely lost. I can live with that.

I think...

How do you guys organize the house chores? (If anyone says their husband does it all I will personally sock them in the jaw.)

::schaefer doings::

max - went in for his two year old doctors appointment, he is 40% for weight and 70% for height

lily - she went too. She is 90% for weight and 96% for height.

emma - she had to go all the way from the exam room out to the car and get the diaper bag for a pants filling baby boy that should remain nameless. She has become so reliable and self sufficient. Plus cute.

brooke - I was brought to tears by how cute my three kids were at the doctor. They just love each other, and they laughed and played the whole time. Such sweetness, such joy. I felt proud to be their momma.

josh - got a bag of snickers and a cute note from his hot wife in his truck

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