Wednesday, February 10, 2010

::rocket ship invites::

I have always thought of vintage rockets as a quintessential boy thing. The bright colors and vintage charm has also always appealed to me, so this year I decided to make Max rocket ship invitations.

I played around with sizes and shapes till I came up with these templates. One for the body, one for the wings, and one for the flames. These three shapes make up the entire invite.

Then I used those templates to trace two blue wings,one red body, one white pocket (which is a tracing of the red body template with out the top third), three yellow flames, and I used some scrap red to cut out the pocket trim.

Tape or glue the wings to the back of the red body. Place adhesive around the inner edges of the white section. Attach it to the red body to make a pocket that is open on the top. Attach the red trim

to the white pocket. (I did this part to just add interest.) The last step is to add the yellow flames. I decided to do some stitching around the white pocket edges just to add more interest. Lily loved helping me do this. It made it take 5X as long, but the Lily cuteness factor was so high.

I then printed out the details of the party on card stock, roughed up the edges with ink, and folded it up to put it in the white pocket. I used a circle punch to make a porthole window on the front of the invite.

I wanted my family to have something of Max to put up on their fridge since the invite was so heavy. That led me to include this post card size collage of his two year old pictures. This was made on iPhoto. The program is so easy that it only took minutes to put together.

I liked how it all came together. It was a fun project, and I am glad Lily helped me with it.

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