Thursday, February 11, 2010

mike wazowski cake bites

mike wazowski cake bites

::cake bites::

I found the premise for these at They look so creative and inventive on her site that I have been waiting for a good excuse to make them. So the little dinner party with my parents, which is to celebrate Max's birthday, seemed like the perfect time to make a big mess.

Cake mix $0.94
Cream Cheese Icing $1.32
Gel food coloring $0.50
3 eggs $0.50
White chocolate chips $3.00
Milk chocolate chips $3.00
Total: $9.26
(I had the oil and Pam already)

Bake the cake mix as directed in a 9/13 pan. I used chocolate mix, but bakerella recommends red velvet. The store I went to did not have red velvet and Mr Max was not going to tolerate another store. He was already sitting in the cart with a newly opened and not yet paid for box of Cheesits, and even that will only buy 20 minutes of corroporation.

After the cake was cooked I set it outside in the FREEZING cold to cool for 45 minutes. I cut off the crunchest edges (just a little bit, my oven is 1,000 years old, cut it some slack) and fed them to the dog. I know - no chocolate for dogs. But she really needed it. Then with my freshly washed hands !!BUBBLES!! I crumbled the cake into a large bowl and mixed in the cream cheese icing. I started doing this with a spatula, but maybe I got a little lazy and threw my kitchen aid mixer at them. I only ran it for about 20 seconds and it did the job perfectly. That slop got rolled into balls, mine where a little bigger than a quarter size. I lined them up those balls on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bakerellla says that should make about 45-50, I got exactly 54. I then put the whole lot in the fridge overnight. From when I started the crumbling till I put the balls in fridge was 55 minutes. I don't think it would take that long the second time. Lily and Max did eat a few, and they were very helpful with the spatula afterwards. It was very messy on my hands, but it cleaned up quick and easy.
I left the little meatball look a likes in the fridge over night. In the morning I melted 1/3 a bag of white chips with 1 inch of green food coloring at a time and dipped the cake balls in them. I used a fork and spool to roll them around. If the chocolate was really hot the result was a nice smooth round ball, if it was starting to cool a bit I got a big spikey ball. (Which will be cute at halloween.) Right after I dipped the green ones I put a white chip in them, tip in to make the eye ball. I did about half in the white-green-tinted chocolate and half in milk chocolate.

I made a few, but once the girls saw the fun they had to jump in and help me finish them off. Lily put icing hair on every one and Emma wrote cute messages to the birthday boy. It was cute to watch them concentrate so hard on making each little cake guy look just perfect.
The final result was so tasty! Plus I think that the kids decorating made them even cuter. I took the leftovers to work and they just gobbled them down. I will do this project again, maybe at one of the kids birthday parties and let the kids at the party decorate them.


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  2. Yeah, teach me too! And I love the cake balls!



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