Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today was a great winter day. We played outside in the snow. I pretended to pull the sled around and Josh did all the actual work. The kids had a blast. I actually got the rabbit cages cleaned and did some good barn work - a hard thing to get motivated to do this time of year. Josh got on his tractor and got my horses a round bale out of the back pasture. They haven't taken their faces out of it for one minute since it got driven in. (What a nice guy - he hates my horses, but loves an excuse to use his tractor.) He plowed out the drive and even did the neighbors drive. Whenever we are out in the snow I set out an old towel and all boots dry on them. Lily just could not manage to get both boots on the towel. I walked by and saw this image and I just teared up. How great to be the mother of this family. (Maybe just another set of boots or two?)

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  1. its so perfect, Brookie :) and love the new blog setup!



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