Wednesday, August 1, 2012

::Fair 2012::

 Lily turning in her mini 4H projects.
A peanut butter jar bird house and a painted rabbit.
High levels of cuteness.

And then Lily and Willow killed it in the costume class.  
I bought the matching tutus from etsy.  The designer was wonderful, she acted like there was nothing odd about making a tutu for a goat.  The store is called Frills and Fireflies, I loved working with them.  The matching bows were made by my friend at Chick Pea.  They were so cute.  Perfect touch. 

In the real goat show we had some wins, and we had some losses.  
But every one was smiling at this end of the day.  

Grandma Willow got second in a HUGE class of senior does.
She is very bossy at home, but the second she walked in that ring she showed like a pro.  What a good girl.

Baby Blake cleaned house.  She got overall reserve champion Pygmy doe.  Amazing for such a young goat. 

We had a blast.  I can't wait till next year. 

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