Wednesday, August 15, 2012

::just got home::

We went on a little vacation.  With the entire Schaefer crew.  Good times were had by all.  We drove down to Gaitlinburg, TN.  We took three cars.  We only had the baby and one other kid in our car for the drive.  We learned that our little dream about driving to Disney to save money is a NO FREAKING WAY.  Love those kids.  Don't like them so much in the car. Except of coarse for Emma and her interpretative dances.  Nothing has made me laugh so hard in a long time as watching that kid break it down.  She is also the best photo bomber to ever walk the earth.  See if you don't agree, after you scroll through our pics.  Lily and I worked out a new code - every time she is taking the drama too far we send her a code word to bring it down a notch.  Aunt Jamie came up with the word - unicorn.  Uncle Ryan told Lily she is starting turd grade, instead of third grade.  That really tickles Lily's funny bone.  Max enjoyed his usual pass times of trying to get lost and breaking everything.  He also peed in the hot tub, luckily on the last night.  As far as we know.  Quinn slept in a pack and play in our room.  He liked the fact that I am a light sleeper and would rather feed him than let him fuss.  He is currently sleeping off the fact that at home we sleep - all night.  Tough luck Jr.  Emma and I made Quinn hug us constantly - because when in doubt hug it out.  Quinny also ate lots of twislers and pretzels on this trip.  There is nothing a Schaefer loves more than giving a baby candy.  Good thing Jamie and I are both up to date on CPR.  

hot tub prior to Max peeing in it

Well candied

Josh's dream come true

my favorite picture of all time

uncle jake and mr Q

these kids hit many a jackpot

begging for forgiveness

emma pretending to fall

water baby

Max looking for bear out the window

we did actually see a bear, but we were too slow to take a picture - this had to do

can you tell that Josh really loves snakes?


more bomb

Jamie bomb

emma took this picture

and this one

another bomb

knives fudge swimwear and leather - perfect

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  1. Ha! Not only does she photo bomb, but she does it with a slightly crazy look on her face. Looks like a trip full of memories!



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