Thursday, August 30, 2012

::a farm walk with my camera::

 Some one got loose.
And by "got loose" I mean I took pity on the girls and let them out.
They look so bored.
And since my melon patch did not grow AT ALL, there really isn't anything that the girls can destroy. I think.
I don't mind sharing a few tomatoes with them. 
I started this spring with 7 chickens and am now down to two.
Our neighborhood fox had quads this year.  She deserved to steal a chicken dinner or five.

 But does this girl have to flaunt her freedom in my face?

 Watching her reminded me of a bad habit of mine...
When I weed my garden I just throw the weeds out of the garden.
The area around the garden often looks like this.
And why is that blue bucket on the fence?

This is a broccoli plant that never actually made broccoli.  

 But look how pretty my front tomatoes are.
The zinnia's like to play with them.  
They are buddies.

 My bell peppers are going crazy.
Crazy.  No joke.
Now I have to deal with the fact that I don't really like peppers.  
What a bad farmer I am.
I am going to try some new pepper recipes this year.
I grow peppers just cause I think they are pretty.
See my few surviving watermelons?
The back patch is the one that didn't grow.  I got a few out of the front.
I just raked up the empty spots and put in some late peas, spinach, lettuce, and cilantro.  

What a perfect little sanctuary of color.
I love this garden.
But I am still looking forward to doing it all over again.
Not any bigger.  The size is just right, but better spacing.  
You'll see.
I already have a plan.

I didn't plant this zinnia.  It is from last year.  
I wish I knew what kind it was.  It is so luscious.  

 Here are the tomatoes in the back corner.
Notice they are falling over.
I have got to get some hard core no joke kick butt cages.
Or make some. 
Or get some really long T=posts and go back to doing the Floridia Weave.
Which sounds like a dance move, but it not.

 Here is the friend of the other broccoli I pulled out.  I left him.  He looks healthier.  
Maybe I will get some broccoli from him yet.

 A row of sunflowers fell over and took out the rainbow mailbox.
They were jealous of his fancy paint job.
I cut them out with hedge clippers.  
And put the mailbox right back up.
Don't mess with my rainbow mailbox or I will cut you.

 What about this beast?
I have about 100 million carrots ready.
I guess I better make baby food.
Or take them to work and let other people eat them.  
Seriously, we would turn orange if we ate this many carrots.

 Another random zinnia growing where they were not planted. 
I just love zinnias. 

 I started cleaning out my barn to get ready for the big move.
What a hot mess.  
I spent about two hours total and took at 8 bags of trash.

 Look who likes the carrots best.

 And speaking of a hot mess.
A dirt lot just can't look great by its very nature.
If this pony wasn't on a dirt lot he would founder to death.
But - that lot is so ugly.  
Like the chicken in the background?

 I did clean out the dog run and the small goat run.
They like it.
Lily and I are going to a goat show this weekend.  
We will be picking up one of our two bucks we are getting. 
I am excited.  

 Our hay for this year is sitting on the wagon ready to be unloaded.  
We are hoping Max gets old enough to do that chore ASAP.

 Look who I found on the front porch.  
Hiding from Max and enjoying nature.  

 And a random golf ball hidden in my rosemary and oregano patch.

 Still working on a plan, but there is a chance that this barn dog is not going to be able to move with us.  Our lab is old and crippled, she will be able to go with us, but this guy needs a farm to work. 
Anybody want him?  Poor Bruno.  

And here is all the laundry from the barn that needs to be done.
At the laundry mat.
Because its gross stuff.
Used to dry off wet horses, goats, and dogs. 
It smells wonderful.

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