Tuesday, August 28, 2012

::nail polish birthday invites::

 These invites were inspired by some that I saw on etsy.  Please link here to see the original inspiration.

Back in the olden days when I needed a template I would print off an inspiration picture and play with the sizing on a photocopier till I got just the right size.  Now days my job would walk me right out the door for that kind of stuff, so I had to figure out a new way to get a template.  I tried tracing an actual nail polish bottle and then tracing it bigger and bigger.  This was time consuming and didn't look right.

Then I had another idea -
I found a picture online of a bottle of OPI nail polish.  I enlarged it on my iPad till it was about the right size, and then put a regular piece of printer paper on top of my iPad screen.  It was easy to trace it onto that sheet.  I cut it out and traced in onto a piece of cardstock.  Template done.  Less than two mins of time invested.  Perfect.

 The rest was just getting all the pieces cut out.  I started with the nail polish bottle traced on glitter paper with velum label wrapped around the back so you can't see the adhesive holding it on.  Then a black lid cut out and the whole thing attached to another piece of card stock.  After that I cut out that bottom piece of cardstock to mirror the bottle and lid.  I loved how they turned out and they were not too time consuming.  I did not make the lid lift off like the inspiration invite, because I felt that was going to make them too complex for me to make myself quickly.  

One thing done on the party check off sheet.

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