Saturday, August 25, 2012


Lily is a bit of a drama queen.  Maybe she comes by it honestly.  But it can get very extreme.  So when she is on a drama rant we have a new strategy to deal with it.  We came up with a code word that we would say that meant - this is your first warning and your chance to get it under control, next warning will have a punishment.  The word was decided on by Lily's Aunt Jamie - Unicorn.  

I would like to call a unicorn warning on myself for my last post.  It was over the top with the drama.  Things are still good.  We are together and in love and there are boys that laugh and girls that sing songs and dogs that waggle and goats that scamper.   We have some interesting new obstacles to over come.  But we are going to come out better for them.  Nothing bad has ever happened to us that didn't end up better in the end.  

We are listing this farm for sale in the next week or so. I am looking forward to cutting our stuff in half.  Going through it all is going to be a big task that I will start after Lily's party in two weeks.  This house could sell in a month or in a year.  We are in no big hurry to get out of here.  Once it sells we will see how the timing will work.  We may have to live in a rental for a little while.  A house rental in the country.  Or at least a little bit country.  (And a little bit rock and roll???)  We are not going to rush into buying our next place.  We might build or we might find the right place ready to buy.  We will have to see how that pans out, but I will not be trading my mud boots for high heels any time soon.  (But I do love heels - just not in the barn.)  Goats and chickens and craziness is going with us. 

Packing up a farm that I never intended to leave is really going to be something.  But it will be a rewarding chore to finish off.  And starting fresh on a new place is also going to be a really big adventure.  First thing to focus on is Lily's birthday party, then I will turn my attention to the packing and organizing of being ready to move. 

 ps- Just FYI - there used to be a male strip club in Indy called The Unicorn.  An excellent name for a male strip club.  Maybe I went there once  Maybe I didn't.  But I had forgotten it till after it became the warning word. 

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