Friday, August 17, 2012

::spa party - beginning plans::

Lily's 9th birthday is rolling up and it is time to get serious.  I have been gathering ideas for her Spa Party for awhile, but browsing Pintrest is only a start.  I need to get a real plan.

Invitations-  Previously the school policy has been that I can only pass out invites at school if I invite the entire class - boys and girls.  I begged, and Lily's new third grade teacher is letting me invite only the girls.  Here is the inspiration I am going to use to make the invites. 

link to pintrest for photo credits

Food Table
This will be a white table cloth with rainbow streamers making up the table skirt, I wanted to do a ribbon table skirt but that is way too expensive.  Streamers will have to do.
Cake will be the classic rainbow cake with white icing.  She wants something fancier, and I might give in, but I really want to get back to making the kids cakes.
Treats will be fun stuff like chocolate covered Oreo's, chocolate covered rainbow marshmallows, fruit and candy.  We will have the popcorn machine going and I might rent a snow cone maker.  The kids really do love snow cones.  I have wanted to do this for a few years but I always chicken out and get cheap.  Soda, juice, and water in bottles in metal tub with ice.  Cute Etsy paper straws.
Link to my pintrest for photo credits
Kids Table
This will be two doors (because hollow doors are cheap and lite) paid into a square with legs figured out by Josh.  Kids will sit on hay bales wrapped in sheets of various colors.  I am loaded with place setting ideas right now but can't narrow it down to one.  I just know that we will use this area for into crafts, mani/pedi's, and eating so it needs to be flexible.

Arrival craft - use sharpies to decorate single use spa flip flops and toe polish separators.
Set body glitter tattoo area
Hire Emma's friends to paint finger nails and toes
     Have bowls for them to soak feet in with rose petals
Do a chocolate facial with cucumber eye covers
Yard twister
Waiting to be picked up is - make your own body scrub and take home in jars


  1. Brooke, Grace had a spa-themed birthday party in June. We had so much fun! The girls loved it! Have fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

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