Thursday, May 24, 2012


Dear Quinn,

Thanks buddy.  Thanks for being such a great little guy.  I hardly ever hear you cry.  Being a fourth baby suits you well.  You dig all the holding and snuggling and getting fought over who gets to hold you next.  Your eat like a horse and then promptly throw up about half of it.  If you were not gaining weight so well I would be very concerned about your puke fest 2012, but you have grown a fabulous little Buddha belly.  You go back and forth from bottle to breast with no issues.  Your Dad has already started sneaking you licks of fruit to try to win you over.  I pretend not to see.  You talk up a storm and already copy the sounds we make to you.  We like your Wookie sounds best of all.  You smile all the time and even venture into some decent giggles  You sleep like a champion.  By 8:30pm you are getting grumpy and ready to be laid down.  We just dress you in a sleep sack and put you to bed.  Long bedtime rituals are not the norm around here and you have falling into that philosophy.  You sleep till about 7-8am with out a fuss.  I usually have to wake you up in the morning to eat.  Which is one of my favorite things because your stretching is so cute.  I love you meatball, we all do.  Your the best little rainbow baby ever.


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  1. Gorgeous! And he sounds like such a good baby.



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