Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is my 600th blog post~~~  

That is so insane.  

How can I have had the time to write 600 blog posts?

...but I love this little blog of mine.

I don't think I could have gotten through Zack dying without it.  My mouth didn't work then.  I couldn't make eye contact.  I was a totally mess - but my thoughts were still going 100 miles a minute and this blog helped me get it out.  Its all so blurry now that I am glad I have it written down some where.  Even though I haven't re-read "the day of" blog post since I wrote it.  See infant loss label for details. 

I feel like we live such an abnormal and bizarre life out here on our little farm that I am glad I have a place to chronicle it.  I want Lily to be able to tell her great grand children that they should have seen the family homestead back when her parents lived there.  Then she pulls up the blog and they see what I hope is the coolest childhood a kid ever had.

I am a little embarrassed when someone who I am not that close to tells me that they read my blog.  I feel like I am an ego maniac for thinking the anyone is interested, but then I really just write it for me and the kiddos.  I am so blunt on here that I feel like I let someone read my personal diary.  I often regret my really honest posts as being too personal.  But I have a rule that if I posted it I can't take it down.  Josh is a private person and I am sure he finds it invasive.  (He never says a word about it if he does, but he is just humoring me.)

What happens now:
More of the same
Living and loving
Monthly headers
No pressure, blog four times a day or once a week, what ever fits
Zip lines and art projects and pictures and emotional out pourings
Having no real set goal for this blog, just what ever topic strikes my fancy that day

What I want to change:
I like run on sentences a bunch a bunch a bunch.  I speak in run on sentences and fragment sentences.  I am not going to change that in my writing.  But I really want to improve my grammar.  If I am using incorrect grammar I want to do it for affect (or is it effect?), not out of ignorance.  Any idea's on how I can work on that? 

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