Wednesday, May 16, 2012

::garden plan 2012::

garden plan 2011

 This is the copy of last years garden plan.  Having a plan is a little bit of a joke because I always seem to change it once I am actually standing in the garden.  The tomatoes ended up along the side and in front I had butternut squash and bush watermelons.  I made a few mistakes with some of this.  I planted the soy beans too early do the seeds rotted and hardly grew.  I planted all my spinach and lettuce at one time so ended up with WAY more than I could eat and then none left when I wanted some.  I needed tons more broccoli because that stuff fresh is pure heaven.  My eggplant never grew at all - I have no idea why.  The kids needed about 600 times more peas to snack on.  Here are some pictures of the how the garden turned out looking last year.  


Now for this years plan. I love having Zinnia's in the front, so even though I try to rotate things, those have to stay.  They are not on the new plan but they are already planted in real life.  I also moved the bean frame out this year.  I love it, but I like to change things up.  I'm going to try beans on the horse fence this year.  (Horses go to grandpa's house for the summer and fall.)  I put a row of sunflowers between to horse fence and the garden fence.  We will see how that pans out.  I left myself a "misc" space so I can throw in whatever little plant wants to come home with me from the nursery.  I am going to plant one small patch of spinach and lettuce around other plants through out the year so I can get those guys all year long.   

garden plan 2012

May 2012


  1. I'm so glad I found you. I've struggled for years with how to lay out a garden. I have a green house. I also could sew you a beautiful suit... but ask me to decorate the house or layout the garden plan and it's a brain-bender. So glad you shared the layout images. I pinned this on my pinterest garden board. It's really going to help me.

  2. Oh wow i am speechless! Amazing work. WOW

  3. One day i will have a garden like this...dream dream. Newest follower :)
    Follow back?

  4. LOVE wish i had more space at this house your garden is so pretty

  5. HI !! I have just found your blog , looovve it , great pictures, beautiful family and I am trying to be some what of a gardener :) I was looking at your garden, just love the whole idea of vegys , flowers and artsy look to the garden. But i was wondering , looking at your raised beds, i think they have a weed cover on the bottom and then dirt and then mulch, are all those plants just growing in about 6" of soil ?? I would like to do something like this but didnt know anything would grown in only that depth of dirt ? and i dont like weeds, so it looks like you have it down to a science, also question , how many hours do you put in out there in a week weeding ? haha... thank you



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