Saturday, May 26, 2012

::glimpse of a garden update::

 How have we lived here ten years and never planted one tree?  Doesn't that just seem crazy?  The problem was solved by my mothers day present of two peach trees and one plum tree.

They are so cute!!  I just love them.  I have been making Josh take tractor buckets full of water to them almost every day.  I wish I could fast forward them into being grown. 

 I have been carefully stagger the planting of spinach and lettuce all around my garden.  The cat killed my first batch of lettuce but the next batch is coming in under some tomatoes.  By the time the tomatoes are big the lettuce will love the shade.  Right?  Maybe?  We will see. 
 The cat killed almost all of my first batch of carrots too, but she isn't getting these little friends.  A curve of fence should keep them safe. 

 This is my favorite experiment spot.  I carefully piled tons of compost and leaves behind my garden last year.  This year I raked in out and planted different kinds of sunflowers and climbing green beans.  I see the beans growing up the sunflowers and along the wood fence.  Let's see what happens.  

 The broccoli is coming in like crazy.  I can't wait to eat this stuff. 

 The orchard is a slow process.  Fruit is just expensive to buy.  One entire row of blueberry's got finished off this year.  I really hope to get row two done this year, at least half of it.  The other rows will eventually be blackberry's and raspberries, but this year it is going to be pumpkins.  See the big orchard garden in the background?  It's full of sunflowers that came up from last year that I couldn't mow down, my asparagus patch, and the rest is all watermelons and cantaloupe.   

 See the first little pumpkin?

The blueberries are begging for some mulch.  It's on my list. 

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