Tuesday, May 1, 2012

::zip line::

 We lived in a pretty cool neighborhood when I was little.  Big lots with tons of trees, but right in the center of town.  One of the neighbor kids had a zip line.  Yes, I bit entirely through my tongue on it one time but it was still damn fun.  I saw one in a magazine and bought it for the kids.  Four years ago last December.  It sat in Josh's barn with his plain refusal to hang it - too dangerous he said.  I don't know how Emma got him to change his mind but she talked him into it and up it went.  

Q feared for his life when Max demanded to hold him.  That kid already shows smarts.

 We had to use a big stick to push it up the slope to the top.  

 Lily had to watch the other two do it before she could work up the courage to get it done.

Max told me his job was to catch the girls at the end. 

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