Sunday, April 29, 2012

::happy birthday to Josh::

Thank you -
For you for singing me Southern Cross on the phone while I was driving
For always invading my personal space as a way of stopping a fight, you just smell so freaking good
For instilling quality music in my life and forgiving me for teaching your kids bad pop
For spending your days off building goat/chicken/dog/horse/platypus enclosures
For loving babies and allowing me to have too many
For thinking my crazy is cute
For always thanking me for every meal I have ever made you.  It sets an example to your children that can not be taught any other way.
For being an incredible example to your daughters of what a husband should be and to your sons of what a man should be.
For saying that me working over time isn't worth the money.
For being so handy and clever.
For selling your super fancy truck so I could have a maternity leave.
For always putting things in the attic.
For taking my crazy plans and making them make sense. 
For aging well.
For feeding the animals at night.  I know those Red Capes from the Village are in there.
For humoring me about my three crockpots.
For craving time with me instead of time away from me.  
For being brave enough to try one last time.  He is worth it.  
For being my husband and not just my co-parent

Happy Birthday.

1 comment:

  1. oh my word, Brookie. This is so sweet. Husbands. What a gift. Happy Birthday to yours!



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