Monday, April 2, 2012

::new goats - and one is pregnant::

 Life review: Josh's exwife and I are friends.  She just gave me the thumbs up to buy Emma and Shealynn some more goats for 4H.  She is the funding and I am the manager.  I touched base with my favorite goat breeder and talked her into selling me two lovely ladies.
Second life review: Shealynn is Emma's mothers boyfriends daughter.  Got it?  She and I have no technical relationship to each other, but she spends every summer up here with her Dad and I just love her.  She and Emma are the only ones old enough to show the goats in 4H.  

A four year old doe that is bred and due to kid on APRIL 18!!!!  That is so soon!  She had had three sets of triplets so far and we have our fingers crossed for another set.  I know better than to count on that, but we are hoping.  I will post about it as soon as we have babies.  I hope none of them need mouth to mouth like our last baby goat.

A six month old daughter of Emme and out of the same sire as Beau and Betty.  This little girl is going to be lots of fun at fair.  She is super friendly and there is something about her sweet little face and her expression that just makes her extra cute. 

Now I still need to buy a buck this summer for all these does we are collecting.  DON'T TELL JOSH!!

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